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Position Statement and Policies Regarding COVID-19

As you all are aware, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 moved to a Pandemic state and continues to linger. While our policies have significantly changed, we do ask that you read the information below and adhere to the guidelines.

Luna WWB continues to monitor community rates of infection, and adjust our policies accordingly. ur goal is to keep our families and staff healthy and safe. These policies may change as the situation of the pandemic shifts and new information becomes available. 

Our goal is always to be proactive instead of reactive and we hope these measures, and increasing social distancing, will keep our birth center free of COVID-19 and operating as close to usual as possible so that we may continue to offer safe out-of-hospital birth. We strive to keep birth center care accessible without any gaps in the provision of care during this time of high demand. 

Current Guidelines:

  1. Illness: If you are sick or think you are getting sick we ask that you cancel your in-clinic appointment until you are 72 hours symptom free until further notice (this goes for any viral/bacterial illness you may have, not just Covid). If you have a fever >100.4˚F (38˚C) along with a cough/shortness of breath, you may not come into the birth center at all and will be referred to local clinics/hospitals for testing and care.
  2. Prenatal/Clinic Visits:
    1. Face masks that cover your mouth and nose are required to be worn at visits and we will have some on hand. Any adult or older child that accompanies you to visits will be asked to wear a mask.
    2. Children: We love having children participate in your visits! However, if your little ones are sick, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible to reschedule your visit or move it to a telehealth visit.
  3. We ask whenever possible that you agree to limit your exposure to people who reside outside your household as much as possible during the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy. The more contacts you have, the statistical probability of you coming into contact with COVID-19, influenza, or RSV (as well as other illnesses) increases. 
  4. Birth: the center is open as normal for clients in labor. At this time, we have no restrictions on who attends your birth. However, anyone with a fever or other illness will not be permitted to join you.  Everyone present during your labor, birth and postpartum period is required to wear a mask the entire time they are in the building.
  5. Hospital Transfers: Area hospitals are still not allowing us to accompany patients in the event of a transfer. We will of course facilitate the transfer per our normal protocol. 

As a team, these are some of the ways we are working to protect you:

  1. Our primary staff has been practicing social distancing and isolating and will continue to do so as much as possible. We will be decreasing the number of employees working at the center to one midwife. All other employees will be working from home and available to clients via phone and video. 
  2. Luna WWB employees who are working at the center, including clinical and administrative personnel, will be screened for fever in the lobby with a thermometer every day as they arrive for work. Any staff member found to have a fever will be sent home and isolated for 14 days. Staff who think they are getting sick or who are sick or have a family member/housemate who is sick, will not be allowed to come to work. Staff are requested not to shake hands with clients and their guests and will only touch you for whatever examination is required for your care. Staff members will wash their hands before and after touching a client and as needed in between clients.
  3. We have entered into agreements with other birth centers and local birth workers for staffing coverage should any one of our locations need assistance due to illnesses.
  4. We have policies in place for infection control. Our facility cleaning, sterilization methods, laundry services, and practices regarding hygiene have always met or exceeded recommendations. 
  5. We have increased our disinfection/sanitizing between clients and throughout the day in hopes of decreasing any risk of contracting the virus from surfaces. Every surface and piece of equipment will be disinfected between each and every patient contact. Pens will be disinfected throughout the day. We will not be serving tea or coffee. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the center and we encourage you to use it. 
  6. We have policies and practices in place for staff hand washing on entering and leaving the facility, and uniform/clothing laundering to reduce risk of cross-contamination between home and work.
  7. In the face of COVID-19 our uniform policy has become strict to best protect clients. You can anticipate seeing us with eye protection/face shields, masks, and scrubs that are laundered on-site.
  8. We have created means to provide care via telemedicine for appropriate appointments to reduce traffic in the birth center. Many families will find it to be a relief to reduce their physical contact with others during this time.

We know some may find some of the measures to be overly zealous and we hope that is true. It is important that clients are able to have confidence that Luna Women’s Wellness and Birth Center is doing everything we possibly can to keep the families we serve and our staff safe. Luna WWBC staff are healthy, organized, optimistic, and ready to take action! These guidelines will change, as needed. Please continue to check our website and social media (Facebook and Instagram) for updates on these policies. 

We know that we will get through this and your Luna Team is committed to continuing to provide the best care possible. Please reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns. We are here for you!

Take Care!

Nicolle Uban Ph.D., APRN, CNM

Owner and Midwifery Director
Luna Women’s Wellness and Birth Center


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