Postpartum and Early Newborn Care


Postpartum and Early Newborn Care

During the immediate postpartum period, the Luna Birth team ensures that mother and baby are transitioning well. You are supported by the Luna birth team as you bond with your baby and begin breastfeeding. Our team prepares a rejuvenating postpartum herbal bath, and provides freshly baked bread all in the comfort of a family bed! In addition, after the birth, we will:

  • Check your uterus, bleeding, and vital signs
  • Make sure you have something to eat
  • Make sure you have emptied your bladder
  • Help establish breastfeeding
  • Assess your perineum, give instructions for care
  • Help you get cleaned up
  • Do a complete newborn exam at the bedside
  • Go over specific instructions for the postpartum period

Early Home Visit and Follow Up Care

Your Luna birth team will call you several times during the first 36 hours after the birth to check on things, and will visit you in your home around between 24 and 48 hours postpartum to assess mom and baby personally. We offer recommended newborn testing (CCHD, hearing screen, & MDH Newborn screen. We continue to check in by phone several times during the first week. Patients have the option to be seen in clinic at 1 week postpartum to assess breastfeeding and maternal mood. We are available for phone consultations at any time and will do additional home visits within the first 6 weeks if you or baby have any problems.

In most circumstances, we recommend that you establish care with a provider for your baby within the first 2 weeks of birth.
Your final postpartum visit is scheduled for 6 weeks after the birth. At that visit, we will offer:
  • Breast feeding guidance and support
  • Assessment of physical healing for mom
  • Family planning and contraception (if desired)
  • Routine newborn weight checks and feeding evaluations
  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders
  • Support and guidance around the challenges that can arise during the postpartum transition
  • Community resources for additional care, if needed
  • Well woman gynecologic care