Luna Woman

Luna provides care for all of the phases of a woman’s life; from onset of menses through menopause. Our office setting is comfortable and private.  We make sure to schedule long appointments, giving us time to answer all of your questions.  We are pleased to offer the following well woman services:

  • Annual gynecological exams (including pap smear and breast exam)
  • Menopausal counseling
  • Pre-conception Counseling and Pregnancy planning
  • Family planning and Contraception (including IUD’s and Implants)
  • Help with menstrual difficulties
  • Vaginal infection testing and treatment
  • Urinary tract infection testing and treatment
  • STD testing and treatment (partner treatment as well)
  • Preventative services such as cholesterol testing, Blood pressure monitoring, etc…

Our Certified Nurse Midwife is able to prescribe medication when needed, including: birth control medications (the pill, the ring, IUD, etc…); wellness medications for blood pressure and thyroid problems; and, medications to treat infections, such as, antibiotics or antifungals.