Paying for Care

At Luna, we strive to make our care affordable and accessible to all women. We understand that navigating the insurance system can be complicated and overwhelming. We work to explain this process as clearly as possible. While healthcare can be expensive, your costs are typically significantly lower at a birth center compared to traditional clinic and hospital fees. We offer a complimentary, no obligation quote for all of the services we offer. We are committed to working with you to create a financial plan that works for you and your family.

Midwifery services with Luna cost about one-third to one-half the amount you or your insurance company would pay for mainstream medical prenatal care and hospital birth. This amount covers:
• A full schedule of prenatal visits in our office – as many as you need
• Attendance by a primary midwife and an assistant at your labor & delivery
• 1 postpartum home visit (more, if necessary)
• A 6-week postpartum office visit
• Use of the lending library
• Unlimited phone availability

Insurance Option
Luna is working to become in network with the major insurance carriers in our region. If you have insurance with maternity benefits, our service may be covered. We are in network with BlueCross BlueShield (including state plans), UCare and South Country Health Alliance. We are working behind the scenes on additional contracts so if you don’t see your insurance listed, please, call us!!

The first step in determining your coverage is to have your benefits verified by our billing service. These experts will verify your benefits to determine your plan benefits and co-insurance percentages. These amounts will be determined after we verify your benefits and should reflect:
• your anticipated plan deductible
• anticipated co-insurance amounts (based on the co-insurance percentage that your plans pays after the deductible is satisfied)

Co-Pays, Co-Insurance and Deductibles
Costs vary between insurance carriers and plans. We will provide you with a written estimate of these costs.

We do accept HSA and FSA funds. Clients frequently access Health Savings Accounts or other tax-deferred medical accounts to pay for midwifery services.

Cash Pay Option
If you prefer not to use insurance, we offer a simple cash pay option which is affordable and straightforward. In addition, we offer a sliding fee scale for families that meet needs based criteria.

Forms of Payment
We accept cash, checks, and all major credit card for payment

Financial Hardship
Whether insured or uninsured, those who qualify under a “financial hardship” process– as determined by our criteria– may be eligible for a reduced fee. For those who are insured, this may provide a reduction in the amount of the deductibles and co-payments they are responsible for; for those paying out-of-pocket, it could provide a reduced total payment. Please know that, regardless of the fee amount you qualify for, the care a client will receive is the same. Paying less does not mean you get less service.